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Kenai Premier BBQ Sauce

Kenai Premier Barbecue Sauce is a small family business from the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska. Our barbeque sauce was born in the Schmunk family kitchen over twenty years ago. Jim and Nancy kept tweaking our base recipe until they felt it was the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. In 2010 with the help of supportive friends, family, and co-workers we began selling our barbeque sauce in saved Gatorade bottles. The response was so encouraging we decided to follow the American Dream and took our sauce to the commercial market.

Extra Spicy 6oz
Extra Spicy - Steak

Our delicious creation has spread quickly across Alaska. Today you can find Kenai Premier Barbecue Sauce at a number of grocery stores, butcher shops and small family markets across Alaska including Mr. Prime Beef, Three Bears, and a number of IGA's.

In 2013, Bryan moved to Portland, Oregon and we started producing Kenai Premier BBQ Sauce in Lake Oswego, Oregon for the “lower 48” market. Getting back to our roots we again started selling to local butcher shops like Otto’s Sausage Kitchen in Portland, Oregon and small family grocery stores like Petrich's General Store in Scholls, Oregon, who have been serving their community since 1895. Mindful of the values that forged the last frontier, we at Kenai Premier Barbecue Sauce believe in People Over Profit. To us this means that the people we serve are more important than cutting quality for profit. These are the values we hold dear while doing business.


We are also proud to keep our barbeque sauce "Old Alaskan Style" which means no high fructose corn syrup, no MSG and we are gluten free. The ingredients in our barbeque sauce or grown from the ground, not made in a lab. As Jim says " if you’re going to do something, make sure you do it right ". This is who we are and where we come from. If you live near our locations or around the world please pick up a bottle and "Taste The Last Frontier". Like us on Facebook for updates on new locations, demo times and established locations, delicious barbeque recipes, fun humor and free goodies. Thanks for taking the time to read our story and from our family to yours, Enjoy.

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